Automation Thermostats

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All-in-one touch-screen digital thermostat for heat/cool, split or heat pump systems, single or multistage. Communication with WT1500 provides programmable thermostat features with web browser user interface and remote monitoring. Changes in temperature, user settings and equipment operations sent to WT1500 automatically on any change.


Current temperature
Heat and cool set point temperatures
Equipment operating

Power: 24 VAC

Temperature measurement:
thermostat 28 to 124°F (0 to 48°C),
external sensor -50 to 124°F (-48 to 48°C)

Temperature settings:
heating 38 to 88°F in 1° steps (5 to 30°C in 1 ° steps),
cooling 60 to 108°F in 1° steps (16 to 40°C in 1° steps)

External sensors: Up to 8 per thermostat, average up to 6 sensors

Specifications subject to change without notice.