WT1500 Energy Controller Specifications

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Sample Screens

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Wiring Diagram

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Number of thermostats: 32 with options up to 128
Number of external sensors displayed: up to 32
Optional relays: 8 Local relays SPDT form C 120V 5 amp
Network interface: 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet
Serial ports: 1 optionally up to four for thermostats and relays
Power: 100 VAC - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 1 Amp

Temperature measurement:
thermostat 28 to 124°F (0 to 48°C),
external sensor -50 to 124°F (-48 to 48°C)

Temperature settings:
heating 38 to 88°F in 1° steps (5 to 30°C in 1 ° steps),
cooling 60 to 108°F in 1° steps (16 to 40°C in 1° steps)

External sensors: Up to 8 per thermostat, average up to 6 sensors

Schedule modes: Individual time-of-day schedules, Economy setting overrides, Comfort setting overrides, Unoccupied setting overrides, Occupied setting overrides

Displays: Current status; system settings; thermostat and sensor names and selections; relay names and selections; alert names and selections; holidays; user login names, passwords and access levels; site settings; individual thermostat current settings and schedules; relay schedules and alert settings

Specifications subject to change without notice.